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Artificial grass childcare

Picture this – a potential playground built by a caring Council which screams awesome arising from the ruins of the old.

Gone what was the ‘you beaut idea’ of yesteryear that barely passed muster by the ankle biters and beyond. With its dusty compacted ground underfoot during the burning summer’s heat and the perpetual bog during the bite of winter coupled with its inevitable persistent precipitation. The ground beneath, never recovering, straggly grass runners barely holding on if at all. Often unused and most certainly unloved, the eyesore of the plot it was perched upon.

A well-equipped spot of discovery, ensconced within rigid pool fencing complete with a high-security gate, alluding the most determined of escape artists and runners of the smaller variety. Physical activity for varying age groups wrapped in the guise of fun. A buffet of challenges in the form of moulded plastic in psychedelic colours mingling with heavy duty wood.

Gone are the days of bark and messy soft fall sand. A progressive Council would certainly be making the right choice by enlisting the awesome, knowledgeable and friendly Eco-Lawn team. For beneath any magnificent masterpiece of a playground, hardwearing, great looking products are required.

The Cool play range could feature here complete with a 40mm underlay tile with a critical fall height of 1.5m to allow playing kids to merely bounce rather than fall. With Purple featuring beneath the main structure coupled with a sea of green bordering a meandering path of blue leads the cheerful child from one activity to the next whilst keeping those who play above safe during falls in precipitous play.

Of course any potential magnificent masterpiece, which is so forward in thinking, ideally should be framed by lush, green artificial grass. This amazing product comes with little maintenance that can stand the test of multitudes of feet, the rough and tumble of childish games yet still remain pleasing to the eye and being non-toxic it is the best choice to be where young children most certainly will be.

Plenty of scopes is allowed for the imagination in a playground built for play and a definitive nod to all things highly entertaining.

The ultimate playground with shade cloth strategically placed. Plenty of wide hardwood benches for parental bottoms to perch upon whilst watching their offspring climb off boundless energy with screams of ‘Watch this’ ringing in their collective ears.

A potential place of pride from a Council that cares. Where the coffers have been squeaked open and funds have been bestowed upon an asset for the Community providing hours of fun and most importantly accessible to all.

Don’t your loyal Ratepayers and their offspring deserve the Eco-Lawn touch?

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