Eco Lawn Landscaping Artificial grass options for the commercial environment

Artificial grass options for the commercial environment

Residential Artificial Grass

A customer’s first opinions of your business are formed when they first clap eyes on their surrounds as they navigate their way from their chosen mode of transport to your front counter.

Your business could be one of those swanky little upmarket affairs that makes coffee from the natural evolution of food through some furry animal’s digestive system, a place that turns discarded items into good ideas, or you could be peddling your wares in the commercial hub within the boondocks on the city fringe.

The nurturing of natural grass is hardly high on the agenda amongst the throes of a thriving, busy business. Pleasing your customers is your priority but have you considered their needs of an aesthetic nature?

What you need is artificial beauty provided by the EcoLawn. Thanks to their diversity they have a variety artificial grass products that make for delightful eye candy for use outside your business, in addition, they also are not out of place as flooring within. Take advantage of their installation service to ensure your quality product has a quality installation.

Your outdoor patch of natural is barely there, hard-baked earth, tufts rivalling the pate of a balding man. Have you ever considered just ripping it up and replacing it with uniform green?


Your products need not be the only thing to remember your business by. Boring flooring can be replaced with artificial grass. Entice the door hoverers in with a lush carpet of artificial grass blanketing your floors. The creation of a soothing atmosphere whilst your customers make their all-important choices, consider a service or enjoy some delicious kind of refreshing respite.


But the benefits just don’t stop at just being aesthetically pleasing, it is low maintenance and instead of becoming worn with high use it looks even better. Unlike wooden flooring or carpeting, artificial grass does not show signs of wear so the business that comes with your Customers will be a memory but not their footfall on your flooring. Discard the grimy tiles for the clean green nature that is the epitome of EcoLawn artificial grass.

Do the exterior and interior areas of your flourishing business deserve the EcoLawn, all flooring touch?

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