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Artificial grass is Permeable

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Lavish layers nestled on a sub soil base, generously dusted with sand and finished with luscious Eco lawn artificial grass.  A feast not for the mouth but for the eyes and keeping with the inherent human need to not only reach out but to experiment.

Through choosing Eco Lawn to install your chosen artificial grass product you can benefit from our knowledge and experience to achieve the low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing lawn that you expect and deserve.

It is all in those drainage holes that fleck the reverse of Eco Lawn’s artificial grass coupled with installation by our experienced team that can lead to a lawn that is more self-draining than its natural counterpart.

During installation, the area is dug down about 70mm to the subsoil, Geotek matting laid for weed control/stabilisation where required, extra drainage in flood prone areas then layered with aggregate which is all then compacted together before your chosen product is laid with clean sand for drainage and stabilisation..  It is each of those compacted layers together with permeable Eco Lawn artificial grass that provides a solid but permeable base for the water to drain away into the sub soil.

On any grass type whether it may be artificial or natural it is expected that water will pool before draining away especially after downpours but when artificial grass is laid and it continues to pool then it could be an indicator of other issues:

  • Broken pipes
  • Not installed correctly
  • Drainage issues not identified or communicated at installation
  • Artificial grass product not built for the purpose

The friendly Eco Lawn team are experienced in the proper installation of artificial grass and any drainage issues can be identified and resolved so you can get the best out of your artificial grass.

Could your lawn be better draining?  Isn’t it time to consider the Eco Lawn inherently permeable touch?


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