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For your synthetic turf and artificial grass needs in Hamilton, turn to Ecolawn! We feature premium-quality synthetic turf specially designed for New Zealand’s climate. To ensure the best installation of our high-quality products, we also provide artificial grass installation. Our installation team is the best and ensures superior workmanship.

Advantages of Installing Artificial Grass Hamilton

It is cost-effective


One of the top advantages of installing artificial turf in Hamilton is its long-lasting value and cost-effectiveness. Though you initially have to spend some money on the synthetic grass and installation, it is an investment that can last for years and actually improve the value of your home.

It is low maintenance


Do you know how long it takes to maintain a natural lawn? It takes forever and a day!

Maintaining a lawn is a never-ending and time-consuming task. And right when you sit down to take your well-deserved rest, you have to start all over again. If you don’t go through such a painstaking process, that beautiful natural lawn you have in your backyard will quickly turn into a sorry patch of dried grass.

Now, if you don’t like to waste time doing the work, you can call a guy to take care of your natural lawn. Sure, you can – but it will cost you money.

You can save both time and money if you decide to install artificial grass hamilton. Instead of wasting your time (or money) watering and mowing your lawn, you can sit back, relax, and spend more time doing what you enjoy most.

Enjoy a picture-perfect lawn all year long


Both summer and winter are hard on natural lawns for different reasons.
During hot summer days, most natural lawns don’t get enough water. When winter comes, temperatures drop, and many turf species go dormant. It seems that natural lawn owners have a short window to enjoy their backyard!

On the other hand, artificial lawn owners never have a problem, whether they’re facing a freezing -1 degree C or a scorching 34C. Installing synthetic grass hamilton is the go-to choice for an all-year picture-perfect lawn.

You can save on water


A green, natural lawn is such a beautiful sight to see – unless you find yourself staring at your water bill in your backyard.

Unfortunately for the natural lawn owners in New Zealand, water prices increase every day. It’s already hard enough to pay the bills now – and those numbers will continue to go up.
Even worse, your natural lawn isn’t going to demand less water any day now.

On the other hand, an artificial lawn demands little to no water every month. You have to rinse it now and then to remove built-up dust, and that’s it. You won’t even notice such a small change in your monthly water bill!

Not only that, but lack of or excess water is never a problem for artificial lawns. You will have a vibrant, green lawn every day of the week, rain or drought.

It is fertilizer and pesticide-free


A natural lawn requires you to apply fertilizers to have a high soil quality. To get rid of weeds and ensure a lush green look, may lawn owners apply pesticides.

How can you send your kids and pets to play in a yard with fertilizers and pesticides?

When you install artificial grass hamilton, you don’t have to worry about chemicals on your lawn. All you have to do is install it and enjoy its beauty. No fertilizers, no pesticides, and no problems.

And, as you also know, artificial lawns require little to no water every month. You help the planet – and your wallet!

No grass stains


If you’ve ever been around children, you know how they are: they love to go outside, run around, and play until the sun goes down.

Unfortunately, natural lawns can be risky, especially for allergy-prone kids. Parents will soon dislike natural grass when they realize the main reason behind the green stains on their children’s clothes is that natural lawn.

Neither of those things is a problem when you have an artificial lawn installed in your home. Any kid can run around with no fear of allergies – and parents can rest knowing their kid’s new white shirt won’t come back ruined.

Safe for pets


A pet might be the man’s best friend – but it’s also the natural lawn’s number one enemy. Animals love to pee, poo, and bury stuff, and they do it every day.

Simply put, green natural lawn and pets don’t mix.

All sorts of animals and artificial lawns do mix, though. Synthetic grass hamilton looks like the real thing – and your pets can’t damage it, not even a little bit.

When you install artificial grass, your pets can go out, do their business, and play as much as they want – and they’ll never ruin your green artificial grass. Things like pee stains will be so easy to clean you won’t be bothered by them

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