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Ecolawn is your one stop shop for artificial grass in Christchurch. We are committed to supplying and installing high quality artificial grass and turf manufactured using the most advanced technology. We carry a wide variety of synthetic turf and artificial grass to ensure your needs are met. So whether you need an artificial lawn for your home or for a commercial project like a playground or sports field, we are here for you!

Benefits of installing synthetic turf

Gives you more time to do what you want

Sometimes, even with regular maintenance, your lawn just doesn’t stay perfectly green. A lush natural lawn requires a lot of maintenance. It needs to be watered daily,  mowed weekly,  weeded, fertilised, and aerated occasionally to keep it in great condition. All these gardening tasks means time and effort, and if you can’t do them on your own and hire someone to maintain the lawn for you, it also means additional cost. 

With artificial grass in Christchurch, your lawn can look fresh and green all year long without any of the high maintenance tasks needed for a natural lawn. Installing artificial grass saves you time – hours you can spend having fun with your family and friends instead of digging on your front lawn.


With artificial grass, you don’t have to water the lawn!

A green lawn looks aesthetically pleasing, but it comes with a price – water cost! With the increasing water bill in New Zealand, maintaining a large lawn means additional cost since a substantial portion of the household water consumption goes to watering the lawn and the garden. 

Unlike natural lawn which needs to be constantly watered, artificial turfs only need to be rinsed occasionally to get rid of the dust build-up and prevent odours. Since artificial turfs are not affected by flooding or drought, you can enjoy a vibrant lawn no matter the weather.

Beautiful outdoor space all year long.

In the summer, many natural lawns don’t get enough water, which makes them dry. This results in dry, dead patches which are an eye-sore. In winter, many turf species go dormant, and the cool moist condition encourages moss. 

A synthetic turf will not have such problems. They are designed to be resilient and durable in any weather condition. If you are looking for a great-looking lawn, synthetic turf is a good choice.

Great for the environment

Keeping a natural lawn healthy and bug-free will occasionally require you to apply fertilisers, pesticides, and weed-killers which are packed with chemicals.

Ecolawn artificial grass does not need fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers to maintain its vibrant beauty.

ynthetic turf also does not require watering, which helps you conserve water while also reducing water bill.


Children enjoy running and playing outdoors, but sometimes playing on a natural lawn can be risky especially if your kids are prone to allergy. With artificial grass, allergy problems are not an issue. Installing a synthetic turf allows kids to make play outside a fun experience again. You won’t have any problems with green stains on clothes either. Children can frolic and roll on the turf as much as they want without getting any grass stains.

During the summer, one of the best ways to endure the heat is by placing a pool on the lawn. By the end of summer, the lawn area where you placed the pool is damaged and there’s a puddle of water next to the pool. When you install artificial grass in your Christchurch home, won’t have the same issue. The fibres will be flattened due to the weight of the pool, but you can easily brush them back into its original state. There won’t be any pool puddle, either.

Pet friendly

Maintaining a lush-looking lawn can be a challenge especially for owners with pets that enjoy peeing, pooping and digging the lawn. If you want to have a beautiful lawn where your pets can play safely, installing artificial turf is a good solution.

Synthetic grass looks just as good as the real thing and your pets can play to their heart’s content without causing any damage to the lawn. It’s also easy to clean, especially the urine areas.


Natural grass cannot survive without enough water nor during cold months. It also cannot survive high foot traffic 365 days a year. This can be a concern when you need to maintain a field for sports activities.

Installing synthetic grass on sports fields allows the fields to remain uniform and consistent, all year long without worry of damage. Different teams can practice and play week after week no matter what the weather condition is because artificial turf does not get muddy.
Because artificial grass is resilient, it can stand up to use without losing its aesthetic appeal.
Synthetic turf is also more cost-effective than natural grass. Large fields require a good amount of maintenance and cost, something you don’t have to worry about with artificial turf.

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