Eco Lawn General Articles Welcome to Artificial grass and Goodbye to Allergies and Hay Fever

Welcome to Artificial grass and Goodbye to Allergies and Hay Fever

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It is the holiday season and children are at home now more than ever. In many many ways, this is the best part of the year. Longer evenings means more time with family and the frequent visits from family and friends.

All of this seems to fall into place except for the worry of allergies grass can cause in children, and sometimes in adults too. The grass is known to cause hay fever and allergies which kick off itching and rashes, and sometimes in extreme cases, grass can cause suffocation and difficulty in breathing. Hay fever is becoming as common as the common cold. It is no fun asking children to stay indoors when all they should be doing is playing outside and getting most of the sun. Outdoor is the flavour of the season and one should make the most of it.

This is why Artificial grass seems like such a good alternative. Artificial grass is medically tested under laboratory conditions. It is conceptualized and designed to be allergy free. Artificial grass is considered to be hypoallergenic. Switching over to artificial turf means an end to using fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides. These grass supplements have a high probability of undesirable side effects and if not used in the prescribed quantity, they can be toxic too. You could also think of all the money you could save by avoiding frequent visits to the doctor and spending on expensive anti-allergen medications.

Artificial turf comes in a range of diversified varieties with a different volume, width and extensity to suit your need. There are a growing number of childcare centres and schools opting for Artificial turf. It is safer for children and easy on maintenance too. So be it a childcare centre, a school or more importantly the backyard of your home if you want to do away with allergies caused by grass it is best to try Artificial turf.

It isn’t too much to ask for when you are thinking of the clear blue sky and the clear green artificial turf. Eco Lawn is just a call away!

Make most of your lawn this summers without worrying about the allergies. Contact Us today for a free assessment.

Photo Courtesy : https://allergicliving.com

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