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Artificial Grass – 10 Common Mistakes to Avoid

Artificial Grass - Common Mistakes To Avoid

When you are planning to install artificial grass, attention to detail is very important. On this page, we are giving you a heads-up on 10 of the worst mistakes you should do your best to avoid. 

1. Poor Water Channel

Water channel matters when you have a regular grass lawn, and it is also a top priority when you have an artificial grass lawn, whether in a commercial area or at home. Artificial lawns are more durable than natural lawns, but they are still subject to damage. Mold and mildew spores can affect waterlogged artificial turf. Weeds may even take hold in your turf. 

2. Bumpy Surface

Needless to say, you want to make sure your lawn looks the best. Before you fit your lawn, it is critical to put down an underlay. The choice of underlay depends on how you are going to use the lawn. When the lawn is a children’s play area, it is essential to install a heavy-duty underlay. 

A level lawn is much safer to play on for both young and old. Of course, without an even lawn, you will not have a chance to practise your golf game at home. 

3. No Weed Barrier

If you are planning on planting up the borders around your artificial lawn, you need to make sure none of the soil spills onto your lawn. If that were to happen, you would soon notice weeds and other unwelcome invaders growing in your artificial grass. To make sure none of this will happen, install a well-grounded weed barrier. This will save you a lot of hassles and unwanted expenses in the future.

4. Improper Installation of Edges and Joins

Sharp edges and joins are a risk to you as well as your lawn. Make sure that any edging materials used are smooth and properly installed. 

You should also make sure that all joins and edges fit neatly and do not offer small critters the opportunity to move in. If you are unlucky, they may start feasting on the underlay.

5. Wasting Off Cuts

When you are re-tiling a bathroom, you probably keep some of the extra tiles that are left. You should do the same thing with the offcuts from your artificial lawn. If you need to repair your lawn, all you have to do is to go into your garage or shed to find your offcuts. No need to buy new ones in a colour that may not match. This will save you both money and time.

6. Placing Artificial Grass Under Sunlight Reflection

Normal sunlight does not affect your lawn. However, intense reflected sunlight from windows or solar panels can damage a lawn. Make sure that you install good-quality artificial grass and don’t expose it to an excessive amount of reflected sunlight. 

7. Vehicles on Your Artificial Grass

It is tempting to think that you can park your car or caravan on your lawn. However, just like natural lawns, you can easily damage artificial grass with heavy objects. So keep your vehicles off your artificial lawn.

8. Wrong Choice of Materials and Base Layout

Investing in the right base is just as important as buying the right artificial grass. This is to ensure the durability of your artificial lawn. Not only that, the base should have a perfectly even surface and a proper trench to avoid any issues in the future. Make a list of the ways you are going to use your lawn and ask the experts to guide you in the right direction. 

9. No Barbecues, Please

Barbecuing is great, but you don’t want to set up your grill or barbecue on your lawn. Instead, create a separate bricked or tiled area. Fire pits are also becoming popular. They don’t mix with artificial lawns, as they often “spit out” hot ash. 

10 Think About Where You Place Your Pond

There are many gardeners who like to have ponds in their gardens. That is great, and wildlife of all kinds loves ponds. The problem is that artificial turf and excess water do not mix. Make sure that you have plenty of space around your pond, just in case it overflows. You should consider adding extra drainage in the area around the pond. 


 When you plan ahead, your artificial grass lawn will last and look good for longer. Avoiding common mistakes is important whether you are installing a natural or artificial lawn because it can save you time and unnecessary expenses in the long run.

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