Eco Lawn Landscaping An Artificial change for the better

An Artificial change for the better

Eco-friendly artificial grass

It is now Springtime, a change is in the air and not just with the hesitant hint of warmth, the blossoming trees with the promise of a good harvest, the lengthening days and beatific growth but a change for the better. A custom designed backyard made for pleasure and absent of pain, one that is low maintenance and actually means it.

Your natural lawn will be flourishing in more ways than one, spring means it will be at the pinnacle of new growth which means regular maintenance whether you like it or not. The lawnmower won’t have time to languish it will be too busy snarling up and down the not so ¼ acre pushed by a dour-faced individual that drew the short straw. Regular maintenance does not mean uniformity. Grass-like patchwork in areas not so bountiful coupled with sodden bogs here and there, footwear not so pleasing to the eye that is designed for the wet an essential must.

Absolutely stoked with our EcoLawn. Our backyard had lots of shade, and a trampoline on it, so the grass never grew well. Most of it died and was really just weeds left. Now it looks and feels amazing. Very happy with the workmanship and the quality of the product installed by Gareth and the team at Eco Lawn. – Mike

A low maintenance yard in modern terms doesn’t mean the unfurling of weed matting followed by the plonking of bark in your carefully cultivated garden areas, now thanks to EcoLawn the purveyors of a job well done, easy care can now extend to the areas encapsulated by grass.
Artificial grass can be the change in the air that is desperately needed not only for those that are time poor and are simply ‘over it all’ but for those that only want the best for gorgeous backyard beautification.

We are really happy with the lawn. The more ‘worn’ it gets the better it looks – Wayne Pickup, CEO NZ Lotteries

Eco Lawn meets these needs by providing a wide range of products that are considered the aristocracy of the artificial grass world. Their luscious natural look that serves to deceive can be found in their decadent range. South grass, Super lush and Wide leaf simply roll off one’s tongue but these are only a degustation of the entire EcoLawn menu.

The man of the hour! We had several samples from different companies and after 15 different people examining the samples your Eco Prime product was the winner. So congratulations on having the best product! – Paul Jones, Living Flame Ltd, Auckland

Once that all important choice has been made EcoLawn shines yet again. Customer satisfaction is their number one goal and they know that quality products deserve a quality installation. By providing a tailor-made, professional installation service they can ensure disappointment free end result that is guaranteed to last.

We love our lawn, the best thing we have done. Gareth was great to deal with and the boys too from eco worked to an amazing standard. Would totally recommend. – Fleur

They went the extra distance to put a frame around one of our edges which were well done and very much appreciated by the wife. Kids love their new lawn. Roll on summer!! – Jason

A smattering of reviews provided here, a mere drop in the ocean of satisfaction that comes with being an Eco Lawn customer. To speak about worth is one thing but the act itself is better. Check out our reviews as EcoLawn is not all about talk it is about action.

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Do you deserve to be a seriously satisfied customer that comes from having the Eco Lawn touch?

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