Eco Lawn General Articles An illustrious acreage on artificial grass

An illustrious acreage on artificial grass

Residential Artificial Grass

A comfortable lifestyle is your right in which you have toiled hard all your life to achieve, instant gratification frowned upon in the face of the long game and greater prizes once life’s work has been achieved.

Now it is time to sit back and reap the rewards. Your working life is now behind you, you have reached the apex of your success, you have handed the reigns over to your protégé who meets your exacting standards, it is time for leisure.

Surrounded by a stone wall, behind electric gates your sanctuary is atop land that is a tad more than the quintessential kiwi ¼ acre.

It is time to indulge your every whim, the construction of the tennis court simply added to your perennially growing list of great ideas. Built for one’s own use with admittance allowed only for an exclusive few. That putting green was the icing on the cake to ensure one’s golfing prowess is never under par.

Of course, Eco Lawn never failed to disappoint with their low maintenance, high quality products to ensure your choices do not involve long, arduous hours to make it match that opulent picture that has taken permanent centre stage within your mind’s eye.

Eco Lawn’s summer green from their natural looking grass range is blanketing the areas surrounding your decadent home. Situated a short distance away, there is tennis court 19mm sport turf with a range of colours to choose from giving the professional touch to your court and let us not forget Golf putt 13mm the ideal choice for the optimum ball roll on your putting green. These choices only serving to compliment your home and surrounds.


Golf putt 13mm

Tennis court 19mm
Summer green 12.5mm


Eco Lawn recognises that their discerning clients deserve the best and offers quality products coupled with a professional installation service to ensure that their exacting standards are met every time

Do you think that your ostentatious home could do with the sumptuous Eco Lawn touch?

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