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Kia Ora from the Eco Lawn team

Welcome to Eco Lawn, where innovation meets outdoor living. We specialise in providing New Zealand’s finest artificial turf solutions to enhance the beauty and functionality of various spaces. As the latest landscaping trend, our high-quality artificial turf caters to homeowners, dog owners, schools, early childcare centres, landscapers, golfers, multi-sport surfaces, aged care facilities and architects. Discover the Eco Lawn difference and transform your outdoor space today.

Operating Locations

Our professional installers proudly serve clients in Auckland, Tauranga, and Queenstown, however, we have been commissioned to work in many remote locations throughout New Zealand including The Far North, Christchurch, Hawkes Bay, Wellington and so on. Our commitment to exceptional service and installation quality ensures a seamless experience as you upgrade your outdoor space with our artificial turf.

Environmental Commitment

At Eco Lawn, we believe in creating a greener future for our planet. Our artificial turf products are made from recyclable materials, reducing waste and promoting environmental sustainability. By choosing Eco Lawn, you’re investing in a beautiful and functional outdoor space and supporting eco-friendly practices. Read our Environmental Statement.

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Benefits of Artificial Turf

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Low Maintenance:

One of the main advantages of artificial turf is its extremely low maintenance requirements. Say goodbye to mowing, fertilising, and watering. Our turf provides a beautiful and lush appearance year-round without the time-consuming upkeep of natural grass.
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Dog owners can enjoy a mud-free and durable solution that withstands wear and tear while keeping their furry friends happy and clean.
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Safe Play Areas

Our certified soft fall systems offer an ideal solution for schools, early childcare centres, and public playgrounds. These systems feature durable, cushioned, and non-toxic artificial turf surfaces, ensuring a secure and pleasant play environment for children to enjoy.
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Golfers' Paradise

Golf enthusiasts can create their own backyard putting greens with our realistic and high-performance artificial turf.
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Sporting Excellence

Artificial turf provides an exceptional surface for various sports, delivering consistent performance and durability. With its all-weather capabilities and low maintenance requirements, artificial turf ensures an optimal playing experience for athletes, promoting enhanced safety, and fostering a high-quality sporting environment year-round.
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Aged Care Facilities

Our turf provides a low-maintenance and attractive outdoor area for residents, encouraging relaxation and social interaction.
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Gyms and Commercial Benefits

 Artificial turf is a versatile and practical solution for gyms and commercial spaces. Its durable, low-maintenance, and visually appealing characteristics make it an ideal choice for creating functional, safe, and inviting workout areas, elevating the overall aesthetic and user experience in these environments.
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Perfect for Landscapers and Installers

Our artificial turf offers endless design possibilities for landscapers and artificial grass installers, creating visually stunning and long-lasting projects with ease.
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Architectural Advantages

Artificial turf presents a versatile and innovative option for architects, enabling the creation of visually striking and low-maintenance outdoor spaces. This sustainable solution seamlessly integrates with various design concepts, allowing for the development of functional and aesthetically pleasing landscapes that enhance the overall appeal and value of any project.

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