Eco Lawn Landscaping A Perfect Marriage - An Interview with Leigh Nicholson

A Perfect Marriage – An Interview with Leigh Nicholson

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The marriage of two concepts heralding a change for a more sustainable future. Muted hues, the creation of a demure symphony, vibrant yet understated of all things natural.

A deceptively natural-looking path, using Eco-Prime, guides the interested towards paradise. Baskets of natural serenity complemented by a lush carpet of soothing green. The place I want to be, free from the trappings of modern life, not a care in the world.

Such is the stand at the 2017 NZ Flower and Garden Show held at the Trusts Arena in Henderson. The grandstand on which the providores of fine outdoor wares provide a veritable feast for watchful eyes.

Thoughtfully created masterpieces to further tantalise the experienced or to provide the gentle coaxing of the inner green thumb to come to the forefront, providing the foundation on which to become a magnificent botanist or to allow others to simply meander and soak up the herbaceous creativity surrounding them.

This is where Hanging Gardens and Eco-Lawn teamed together leading to the creation of perfect union where a well-deserved Gold medal was bestowed.

It was a pleasurable experience conversing with Leigh Nicholson. Her enthusiasm was infectious making one want to leap from their chair, bursting to embrace this shift in backyard beautification.

The phone towers crackled with her excitement, a rich tapestry of descriptive words cascaded from her mouth further enhancing her enthusiastic feelings of the melding of these two incredibly viable products, bestowing her agreeance of the adequate match.

Despite having the ‘Most god-awful sunstroke,’ – her words not mine, Leigh was the perfect interviewee providing concise answers without descending into the waffle that comes with the territory of being off track.

Leigh was asked about her decision behind choosing Eco-Lawns to supply the grass for her stand. She felt that it was a ‘no-brainer’ to team with Eco-Lawn.

Hanging Gardens is all about Ecology protection, biodiversity and both products have a mutual philosophy about improving the environment.

When asked why artificial grass as opposed to natural grass in turf blocks – Leigh without hesitation whatsoever answered with ‘Real grass is not always environmentally sustainable or friendly’ whilst adding that artificial grass is an essential component in urban areas.

Leigh felt that the choice of Eco-Prime over Eco-Lawn’s other products was due to the fact it was beautiful, natural grass with a lovely feel and texture – a ‘Gorgeous product’. She feels that she ‘unquestionably’ made the right choice in using artificial grass.

She describes her stand at the Show as being ‘A little piece of urban Eden’. She is rapt that they won a Gold Medal and that it is a ‘just award’ because it provides recognition that they have achieved a ‘top standard’ and it shows what a Kiwi company can do with a product that was designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

Of course, the artificial grass played a part in this win as it an ‘element of the whole design’ which was vital in bringing it together. It has a lovely green look in which people respond to as it is calming.

The word ‘Sustainability’ is common to both brands what Sustainability is to Leigh is that it has an enormous meaning and that it means different things to different people. ‘Not robbing future generations’ was a phrase that stood out in Leigh’s answer. It is about improving the environment for future generations and the minimalization of waste which is what Hanging Gardens are actively working on and forms part of their philosophy. The words ‘Clean, Green, Sustainability’ stand out from her answer.

Leigh feels that public awareness of the term ‘Sustainability’ is growing and she is ‘delighted,’ that there is a Green Government in ‘the party’ which is bringing the political, cultural, economic perspective into the forefront.

We then looked at the community as a whole and its obligation to be more Eco-friendly and the need to look at sustainable options to ensure a better future. She felt that individuals have ‘a moral obligation to future generations’ and that they need to be community-minded in order to gather together and be engaged to make this happen. It also needs to happen globally.

Leigh considered artificial grass as being the way of the future. It’s a beautiful product.

‘Layover existing lawn and grow a worm farm underneath it’.

Whenever the grass is washed it keeps the earthworms moist and the water runs off into the garden. Water usage is kept to a minimum.

The type of places that Leigh felt would benefit from artificial grass are the small urban gardens, balconies, rooftops, apartments. I asked about the ¼ acre block and she felt that there is no reason why it couldn’t be used. She added that (people) ‘Shouldn’t be mowing lawns’ and (artificial grass) ‘Is the best thing’.

The praise simply cascaded from Leigh’s tongue when describing working with the Eco-Lawn team.

‘Fantastic,’ ‘Easy job done,’ ‘On the ball,’ ‘Wonderful’.

She felt that Eco-Lawn was a great sponsor.

Leigh is very passionate about the environment and the need for sustainability when she was asked about the scope for future projects with Eco-Lawn she felt that it would be ‘Unquestionable’. She loves working with Eco-Lawn and that it is a great partnership with mutual benefits. She enjoys working with people in the same area with a view towards being Eco-Friendly.

Sustainability form the roots with which these two products thrive. It’s the mutual bond that binds them in the creation of the gardens of the future – a tranquil drawcard at works end, an oasis of calm from the bustling hum, a haven for the time poor whilst saving beauty for future generations.

What other awesome, mutual innovative ideas will arise? Only time will tell.

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