Eco Lawn General Articles A monumentous Mother's Day

A monumentous Mother’s Day

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The second Sunday in May, not that anyone is allowed to forget! Mailboxes bulging with potential fire starters each loudly proclaiming they have the perfect present for the perfect price, ads blaring various wares on tv and endless signage on various platforms as far and near as the eye can see.

The annual pre Mother’s Day stampede, the last minute dash to the shops with the hour hand inching ever closer towards closing when the bonds of procrastination broke with other harried fathers often with off spring in tow looking for perfect present to be bestowed on the parent of the day.

Make it possible for her to open Eco Lawn’s menu of decadence for the luxurious layering of the green space surrounding the property outside. Dithering over various options whilst sampling the somewhat haphazard breakfast made with much enthusiasm and love.

The gift that keeps on giving for ten years plus with the grass looking as glorious as the year before. Whilst the rest of the scenery may change Eco Lawn’s artificial grass will not. A  perennially picturesque product where the more use it gets the better it looks.

The pinnacle of acknowledgement and adulation a gift of artificial grass from Eco Lawn would make every lump, bump, sag and blip of motherhood all the more worth it.

So, you, the perfect purveyor of fine thoughts, what are you doing to do with all that extra time on the weekends and holidays now all that mowing and other natural lawn maintenance is no longer on the cards? Was the present purchase all for you? Irrespective of where your mind set lay with the presentation of the gift of artificial grass there is something in it for every family member.

Shouldn’t you be making Mother’s Day quite momentous this year with the Eco Lawn touch?

For a perennially picture perfect Mother’s day

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