Eco Lawn Landscaping A crate atop the Artificial

A crate atop the Artificial

Artificial Grass Maintence

My, that was a magnificent crate day, the first of December, the first day of summer which marks this Kiwi tradition of having ones favourite tipple parked in a crate with 11 others of the same kind.

Tantalising crate specials to encourage the cranking open of one’s wallet ahead of the festive season.  Frivolities making for magnificent memories and fabulous fables that see further embellishments as the years go by.  As for the sun?  Well it was just a bonza ball in the sky!

Really? No.  The day was a wash out.  Sorry, soggy and a glowing, ambient orb was merely a figment of one’s rampant imagination.  A tad chilly that felt more like the ominous marching in of winter rather than the light hearted gait of the onset of summer.

Of course we did our best but the arctic fingers belonging to the unseasonable frigidity caressed the bare appendages of the jandal wearers, flew up frocks and caught those bedecked in lightweight attire completely unawares.

Let us not be so glum about this.  There is always next year and thanks to Eco Lawn you can be prepared.

Picture your next crate day atop of sea of decadent Eco Lawn artificial grass, a flagship to mark the oncoming season of decadence and ‘just because’.

What about ripping up your lawn with its time consumptive nature and its habitual ways of doing the opposite of whatever you envisioned and replace it with predictability of artificial grass.

Picture a tartan rug atop the splendid green, a few generous cushions propelled here and there, a crate of something cold and alcoholic at hand, great company coupled with a grazing feast smooshed together in a box to stave off the alcoholic sillies.  A day of perfection with no effort at all with Eco Lawn artificial grass creating a bountiful backdrop.

The weather may not be predictable but the predictability of quality artificial grass provided by Eco Lawn will allow you to set the scene you choose

Could your Kiwi crate day do with the Eco Lawn touch?

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