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Soggy Fun with Eco Lawn

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You have Eco Lawn to thank for versatility with an artificial turf product for just about every use and occasion. There shouldn’t be any surprises if water fun is the requirement and the Eco Lawn team enthusiastically cries out ‘We have a product for that!’

Soft play with its range of buoyant colours allows kids to play safe within aesthetically pleasing surroundings. In addition this quality innovative product is ideal for water play. Like any Eco Lawn product, it is also non-slip.

This sprog friendly creation can be parked beneath play equipment usually featuring a riot of colours to entice the most introverted of moppets, at daycare centres, schools and for lifting the spirits of a bog-standard back yard.

Swimming pools and playgrounds at Tourist parks are enjoyable but with the everchanging goal posts relating to what could be termed fun and the somewhat persnickety tastes of children these days deems swimming pools and stock standard playground with swings and slide so ‘last century’. The emergence of water parks seems to be the natural evolution of child hood fun.  A great way to run off extra energy after a jam-packed day of holidaying allowing for ample adult frivolity with their cherubs tucked up firmly in bed with nary a complaint and well before the otherwise languid blood balloons start targeting with a purpose.

Eye catching Blue, green and purple coupled with the 40mm underlay tile not only provides a soft landing for your child with the only damage done is that to the ego, it is soft underfoot allowing for comfortable water play.

Water play areas are a welcome break for children in the midst of back to back errands, allow the ankle biters to just be children whilst the parent collapses into a thankful puddle grasping a cup of liquid refreshment, brain in overdrive mentally ticking things off an infinite to do list.

They could be found in spots where tourists tend to congregate to shopping centres and places in between, a place of cooling respite under the glare of the hot summer’s sun.

Fountains, and funnels, water courses and puddles with anything to do with water, where swimmers are optional and going in fully dressed merely adds to the fun with Eco Lawn’s Soft play under their feet makes it enticing for your clientele both big and small.

Do you think that you could inject coolness into water play with the Eco Lawn cool play touch?

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