Eco Lawn Landscaping 4 Great Edging Options for Your Synthetic Turf

4 Great Edging Options for Your Synthetic Turf

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One of the decisions you are going to have before you install your synthetic turf is to decide what edging system suits you best. Your choice depends on many factors. Aesthetics play a huge role, but so does the way you are going to use your synthetic turf installation. If you are planning a large sports field installation, you may not want to go for timber edging. 

Sleepers That Have Been Pressure Treated

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Pressure-treated sleepers have been a popular material to use in private gardens for a long time. They are a feature in their own right and can look amazing. 

If you are planning a garden packed with unique features, pressure-treated sleepers are the icing on the cake. Although they are slightly more expensive, they make your garden and synthetic turf stand out. 

You can also use sleepers for raised beds. Looking after your sleepers is essential. Although they have been weather-treated, you need to maintain them to ensure they keep their colour and stay permanently waterproof. 

Composite Plastic edging

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The other option you should consider is composite plastic edging. Once again, this kind of edging is easy to install. You may even find that you can buy pre-cut sections to meet your specifications. 

One of the major advantages of composite plastic edging is that it requires little or no maintenance. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is to rinse it off with a hosepipe. 

Many plastic edging systems come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. It is a good idea to contact your local artificial turf supplier and find out what system they recommend. Most of the time, artificial grass installation services are happy to install your edging as well as your turf. 

Paving For Edging

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When you are considering edging for a larger installation or a sports field installation, the best option is paving. Not only will paving hold your synthetic turf in place, but it will also provide spectators with somewhere to stand.

You can easily increase a paved area and make it larger. Another advantage of paving is that it does not give you a raised edge, unlike other forms of paving.

Paving is easy to keep clean and low maintenance. That is why it is such a popular edging choice at public venues. 

Pressure-Treated Timber Edging

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This is perhaps one of the most popular edging options when it comes to installing artificial grass in your garden. 

In many countries, pressure-treated timber is the most cost-effective option but is likely to become more expensive in the future as climate change is forcing us to use less natural wood. For a homeowner, treated timber is quick and easy to install. 

Installing pressure-treated timber as edging is not very different from installing your own deck. To create a stronger installation, you tuck the synthetic turf around the timber. That will keep the turf in place despite heavy use. 

One downside of pressure-treated timber is that you will need to maintain it. From time to time, you may have to treat it with varnish to make sure that it remains in good condition. 

The Final Word On Edging For Artificial Turf

The final decision is aesthetic. What do you like and what option do you think is going to look good in your garden? The eventual choice is up to you. 

Discuss the options with your artificial lawn supplier. Just remember that quality materials last longer and often require less maintenance. 

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