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10 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Artificial Grass

Two Shades Of Artificial Grass

When you need a low maintenance addition to beautify your outdoor space, artificial grass is a great solution! It also eliminates the fighting over whose turn it is to mow the lawn.

Artificial grass is the latest trend in landscaping, but how much do you really know about it? Here are some grassy facts you might not be aware of…

1. Artificial grass not always green!

Do you feel like breaking out of the mould of lush green grass? Do you fancy a bluer or purple-er grass? How about pink? You can now purchase artificial grass in pinks, greys, browns, reds, and turquoise blue! Imagine having a pink lawn. You’ll definitely stand out in the neighbourhood. 

2. It comes in different shapes and shades

While a synthetic turf looks great and green, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the turf is not just one shade. Every turf has fibres of mixed colours of different shades of green. Some products even have shares of brown and green that creates the most natural-looking grass. 

There are also various grass blade shapes and heights. Each blade shape serves a different purpose and creates a different effect for your lawn.

3. Synthetic grass is great for areas that get a lot of rain

Although synthetic turf is ideal as a landscape option for areas with dry climates, it is also an excellent choice for any area that gets large amounts of rainfall. The artificial grass filters the water faster than natural grass so it dries faster. But best of all, rainwater does leave any mud on the grass, so you can roll on the lawn (as soon as it’s dry of course) and enjoy mud-free clothes. If you play sports, you can there on the field and practice and go home sweaty, but mud-free.

4. You can create a green oasis anywhere

Do you want to enjoy greenery but don’t have a balcony? Artificial grass combines with natural pot plants and garden furniture, can give you the green oasis you are looking for. 

5. Low maintenance, not NO maintenance

Although artificial grass takes way less time to clean than a natural lawn, it is by no means maintenance-free. You will still need to get rid of any dirt that falls on it. If you have trees surrounding the turf, you’ll need to rake the leaves. If you have kids or pets throwing toys on the turf, you’ll have to pick them up. 

Also, over time, grass in areas that experience a lot of foot traffic gets compact. You have to brush the blades into position and rearrange the infill to hold the blades up.

6. Traffic and turf

The kind of turf you get should depend on the amount of traffic in the area where you will install the artificial grass on. If you plan to use it as a play area for kids and pets, you’ll need a durable turf. Installing a turf on a heavily trafficked area will cause the turf to wear out quickly. 

Of course, the turf you get determines the texture of grass. Children’s play areas need a soft thin blade that feels comfortable, and pet areas need a stronger blade. 

7. It’s not just the grass, it’s the infill too

The infill is what gives your artificial turf a realistic look and feel. Infill is what is brushed into the fibres on top of the grass to help the blades stand up, or get them back into their original position after they’ve been flattened due to exposure to pressure.

8. Cooled in seconds

You can find synthetic grass in extreme climates because it offers a consistent and durable landscape and does not require constant maintenance to appear well-kept. However, its temperature may not be as cool as natural grass in scorching climates so spray it with some water and it will cool down the artificial grass in a few seconds.

9. It lasts for years! 

Natural household lawn grasses have a lifespan of 7-10 years when properly maintained. Artificial turf will give you up to 20 years of use depending on the maintenance and volume of traffic. 

10. It’s hard to resist

Who can resist a green lawn? Even during the winter, it looks great! If you want your kids to enjoy your outdoor space all year long, install artificial grass. They will love it.

Now that you know some amazing facts about synthetic turf, you can decide on what’s the best choice for your yard. 

Thinking of getting started? Contact us here at ecolawn or give us a call at 0800 002 648 and we’ll help you pick the best turf for your lawn. 


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