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10 Artificial Grass Myths Debunked

Artificial Grass Myths

Artificial grass can be a convenient and perfect alternative to real grass for your lawn. However, there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding synthetic turfs.   That’s why we are here to debunk these artificial grass myths for you to avoid falling for them.


Myth 1: Artificial Grasses Are All the Same


If you try searching for artificial grass, you can already encounter various kinds of fake grasses, which means they are not the same. They differ mostly on the drainage system, installation method, overall aesthetic of the grass, colors, materials used to make them, and the list goes on.


Myth 2: Artificial Grass Contains Harmful Chemicals That Endanger Human and Pets


Even in the past, there has been a misconception about artificial grass being dangerous to humans and animals. However, there are no proofs that can support it because artificial grass does not contain chemicals that could harm children and pets. Moreover, it can be even safer than real grass filled with pesticides.


Myth 3: Artificial Grass Does Not Absorb Moisture Well


High-quality artificial grasses usually have drainage holes inside the grass that allows water to flow through them. However, the case can differ if you installed poor-quality synthetic grass, which usually has a poor drainage system. That’s why you have to prioritize the quality of artificial grasses when buying.


Myth 4: Artificial Grasses Are Only Used for Sporting Activities and Events


We all know that nowadays, we can use artificial grass almost anywhere even in our own backyard. Yes, in the past artificial grass are widely known to replace real grass at sport’s events, but it’s not the case now. So, if you’re still hesitating to use synthetic grass in your garden because you believe it’s only used for sporting activities– well, it’s time to get your beautiful garden a nice green artificial grass.


Myth 5: Installing Artificial Grass Over a Cement Pad Can Absorb Shock

In today’s time, the advancement of technology is so fast that there are artificial grasses absorbent to shock even if not installed over a cement pad. However, it can be still true to most athletic artificial turf.


Myth 6: Artificial Grass Absorbs Too Much Heat That Can Be Dangerous


Some synthetic grass can indeed become hot when exposed to sunlight, but it can’t be that hot to burn skin. Mostly, the fibers of the artificial grasses catch the heat of the sun. Then, they instantly reflect the heat to reduce the heat they absorbed.


Myth 7: You Don’t Have to Worry About Maintaining Artificial Grass


Artificial grass does not require much maintaining unlike real grass, but it does not mean that it doesn’t need maintenance. Mostly, you still need to do some sweeping and brushing to keep its condition good.


Myth 8: You Can Help Reduce Global Warming by Using Artificial Grass


There is no doubt that global warming is becoming worse each day, but there is no evidence that you can help reduce global warming by replacing real grass with artificial grass.


Myth 9:  It Is Not Cheap to Maintain an Artificial Grass


Artificial grass does not need mowing, pesticides, and any other real grass maintenance that could cost someone a lot. It just needs cleaning, and it can last for 3 to 4 years or more, which can save you from years and years of cutting and watering the grass.


Myth 10: Artificial Grass Has Rubber Infill


Infill refers to the thing in between the grass and the base to support the blades and sometimes absorb shock. Some artificial grass uses crumb rubber, but some are not using them. So, this myth could be either true depending on the product that you will buy.


For more question on how to care for your artificial turf or if you are thinking of getting one, get in touch with Ecolawn today. We are glad to be of service anytime. 



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